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Información de reparación y desmontaje para el iPhone SE de segunda generación, anunciado y lanzado en abril de 2020.

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Front Camera stopped working after multiple falls

Replaced the screen with a new one after it had a nasty fall, Came back for a second time, The front cam ribbon tore completely off this time, replaced the screen and Front cam ribbon.

Client came back with an even worse fall and more damage to the area surrounding the front camera the third time.

Replaced the front cam and screen again , but the front cam does not work, tried it with a few different front cams but no luck.

Proximity sensor and speaker still work on all the tests.

Any ideas?

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Although the camera flex is modular and can be removed, the connectors certainly aren’t designed to be plugged and unplugged very often. Being not only physically damaged from the drops but also from being switched out a few times, the connector on the logic board may be damaged or have some pins bent. Take a look at it under a microscope if you can, but if another camera flex has the same problems, you may be looking at bent pins instead of a faulty camera.

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The camera flex got torn clean off with the second fall, recon that could have caused enough damage to the connector?

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Yes if any of the connectors were forcefully removed, you're likely missing some pins in the socket leading to your problem

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If the phone took this much beating, chances are the logic board has internal damage now.

Maybe ask this guy to not drop the phone again?

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Yep, recon that is the easier solution for him.

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I have an iphone SE 2020. Front camera hasn't worked past year. Just replaced the screen and battery, the screen comes with a new front camera. Still doesn't work. In photo mode, it comes up blank.

2 weirdnesses,

1) in video mode, when you switch to front camera, it shows an indeterminate haze which persists switching between front and back camera

2). choosing pic on whatsapp, switching between front/back camera only shows image from back camera. Pure software evil

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