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La Nikon COOLPIX B500 es una cámara de apuntar y disparar con superzoom de nivel medio. Se vende en negro, morado y rojo.

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How can I replace the battery case?

bottom metal contact on one of the batteries holes broke. I need to remove the part to fix (weld) the part or replace it. Need camera disassembling instructions.

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I have the same problem, except that i removed the metal contacts to clean the battery acid off and didn't take pictures and now i have no idea how to reassemble them there's like 6 metal pieces total. Did you have any luck finding any assembly instructions or schematics?

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@Darren I am looking for spare parts for the b500, do you by chance have any you are willing to part with?

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I need a replacement battery door

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I’ve Scoured the internet for a teardown video \ guide and haven’t been able to turn anything up. (maybe one of the senior members can?)

anyway, odds are you’ll need to do the tear down your self. id suggest if you do.

take your time, take pictures on your phone every step you take so you can reassemble, take your time. be careful when removing pieces. ( cameras are very fragile and things can break easy) if you find your self getting frustrated, go take a break and come back.

if you don’t feel confident enough you may need to send it out for a repair.

also if you don’t have a soldering iron you’ll likely need one to replace the pin that was broken. also you’ll need to find a replacement pin which also might prove to be difficult.

good luck!

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Sorry, I don’t have pictures but I do know there are tons of screws to remove including screws involved with the Flash Housing, which can be tricky. Once all that is remove the outer shell which includes the lens plastic housing can be removed. However, in order to get to those battery contacts you also have to desolder 4 contact points for the battery contacts as well desolder the black ground cable, so at least 5 points in total which are on the top board ( power board ). Once you have all that desoldered and are able to remove the power board, there is a hidden screw underneath the power board that keeps in place the plastic housing in which the battery contacts are clipped into place. If you have any more questions, or will like to sell me your b500 parts please feel free to contact me.

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