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Guías de reparación e información de desmontaje para el MacBook Pro 16 '' lanzado en noviembre de 2019. Modelo A2141, EMC 3347.

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Flexgate issue - comes and goes

All know about the flexgate issues especially with the previous models

~1year after I purchased my MacBook pro 16’’ 2019 I started to have this issue of flexgate, It does come and go and sometimes disappear after closing and reopening the lid.

I have contacted Apple support and advise that they need to inspect the product before they can confirm if it’s eligible for free repair or not !!

Now if its a well-known manufacturer error (apple acknowledged that with the backlight program) and this time with a newer model that supposed to be fixed already! what should do?

also, they told me that there is some product lines/patch came with this issues!! meaning another acknowledgment that this flexgate issue still threatening all newer models!

note: product purchased in Australia

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If you watch the teardown guide on here of your macbook and the newer one you will see that there is a comment made that the display flex cable is longer than previous models. Your best bet is to book an appointment with the genius bar and proceed that way.

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Hi I also have a similar issue. Same model also purchased in Australia around 1 year ago.

in my case, the display is fine until I open it beyond about 30 degrees, then the colours become extremely saturated/strange. Makes it very difficult to work on.

Resetting SMC and PRAM had no effect. I’m taking it in to the store to be assessed. I’ll update you on how I go.

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Thanks, I think I have no choice other than taking it to authorised service and see what's their take, will keep you posted too

- de

A quick update.

I took the computer into the apple store they decided the screen needs replacing. One apple service person thought it was the flex cable and another thought it was the screen itself.

I had it replaced today and the technician said he thought it was the lid angle sensor that was causing the problem. This required both the lid angle sensor and the display to be replaced. All is working fine now and although the computer was a few months out of apple 1 year warranty it is still replaced at no cost under Australian consumer law.

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