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Face ID won't recognize my face after screen repair

I repaired an iPhone 11 screen yesterday, and everything seems to be working fine except for the Face ID function. when I go to set it up, it’s like it doesn’t recognize my face at all. However, I haven’t gotten any sort of error message yet. It just keeps trying to focus and tells me to position my face in the frame, sometimes saying I should move the phone lower. It is probably a problem with the dot projector. Hopefully, it’s just obstructed by some adhesive or something, and I can just open the phone back up and tweak it a bit. However, if it IS in fact broken, what should I be looking for, and will Apple fix it to get my Face ID working, even if I did a third-party screen replacement?

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The apple store have not got the know how to change the top flex assembly. They will replace the screen with the assembly already installed and hook it up to their pairing machine to enable face ID. I would try cleaning and repositioning the face ID components first.

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