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Guías de reparación y soporte para ordenadores portátiles fabricados por MSI.

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The hinge is broken. The screen works but cannot close the screen.

The Right hinge is broken. The screen is still working, but when I try to close the lid it seems as though the plastic covering the screen would come off… I dont think I can even move the lid… What do I do?

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Update (04/26/2021)

It is MSI GF63 Thin9SC-614 US

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What is the exact model of the MSI laptop?

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I think probably the hinge itself is good but it is rather what it is attached to that is the problem.

You may need to disassemble the laptop depending if the problem is on the top or lower case.

This one is a possible solution if the problem is on the screen assembly. It also explains removing the bezel around the screen:

If the problem is on the main body of the computer watch below.

Here is how to open the bottom cover:

Note: This video shows the hinges but not how to fix or replace.

This shows how to seperate the hinges from top body of case at about 14 minutes into the video:

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I've seen a lot of people complain about the hinge braking off. Most popular solution seems to be to glue in the hinge back with epoxy.

Here's my take on a relatively easy repair that can be done without a workshop. Tools needed: Steel plate at least 1,5mm thick, 25x30mm. 4x screws, M3x0,5x10mm. Thread cutter M3. Drill 2.5mm. Material cost ~10 euros, provided you have a drill available.

The biggest challenge is to accurately drill the holes in the steel plate. Here's the sequence to get it as accurate as possible:

Drill the first hole in the corner of the plate about 5mm from the edges with 2.5mm drill. Cut the M3 thread in the hole.

Drill through the hinge hole and screen plate. Check that there are no cables/wiring behind the hinge in your laptop model before you drill.

Position the steel plate on the back of the screen and secure with a screw through the hinge and laptops back plate.

Drill the hole on the opposite side right through the hinge and the back plate until the drill hits the steel plate.

Unscrew the steel plate - there should now be a mark on it where the next hole should be.

Drill the second hole, cut the thread and reattach the metal plate with two screws this time.

Repeat step 4 with the remaining two hinge holes.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the remaining two holes.

Secure the steel plate with 4 M3 screws.

The repair does not look super fancy but it does the job, with no special expensive equipment and no workshop required. Hope it helps someone.

P.S. MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE.

P.P.S. The dude who designed the hinges needs to be fired.

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