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La segunda generación de PlayStation Vita, la serie PCH-2000, se conoce comúnmente como PS Vita Slim o PS Vita 2000. Anunciada en Japón en el otoño de 2013 y lanzada en Norteamérica en mayo de 2014.

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New Battery from iFixit not working, any suggestions?

Ordered a new ps vita slim battery from iFixit’s website. Plugged it into the vita, and charged it for a while. I switched from a wall adapter to a power bank and it gave me a solid orange light, but it still won’t turn on. I also tried soft resetting with power button + home button + R/Volume Up button and still nothing. It’s a Cameron Sino Battery and I made sure it was the right model. Any suggestions you guys can offer me?

Here’s the link for the battery: PlayStation Vita Slim Battery

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PlayStation Vita Slim Battery


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There might be something wrong with something else in the device.

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I definitely know that the battery is the culprit. I have a working vita on hand and did a battery swap. After the battery swap, the console turns on. It's frustrating that this is my third attempt at getting a working ps vita battery. The first two batteries I got were from eBay and the third one was from iFixit's website.

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Then try and return the defective battery to Ifixit and get it replaced.

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Will do, and thanks for the reply!

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Did you ever get it fixed because I have the same Problem?

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