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Guías de reparación e información de desmontaje del teléfono inteligente Pixel 4 de Google, lanzado en octubre de 2019.

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Pixel 4 screen dim and yellow after replacement?


My girlfriend broke her pixel 4 by dropping a jar on it from a height in the kitchen.

The screen worked apart from the impact sight and some vertical lines from it.

I bought a replacement screen and fitted it and then new screen was yellow and dim.

I though this was a duff screen so returned it and bought another screen from elsewhere, the screen that arrived appeared to be the same type as that was returned but I fitted it anyway, the yellowness and low brightness remained.

I changed the camera module in case this had become damaged but the issue remains.

Night light and adaptive brightness are definately off - brightness is at maximum. Interestingly the white is bright and colours okay when on the boot screen when the screen is mostly black and at low brightness settings but as you increase the brightness or there is a lot of colour information on the screen it is yellow and dull.

The yellow tone and low brightness happens in safe mode also.

Any ideas what else could be wrong or what I could have done incorrectly?

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I found the issue, one of the small surface mount components on the main board was slightly dislodged near the screen connector.

Repositioning and reflowing it’s solder sorted the issue. The screen is now white and bright.


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