Change Micro-USB


I need to change my Ipod device Micro-USB port how ?

If it is 2mmX1mm in size yes it is the dock connector .

Thank you .

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Which model iPod do you have? I'm not aware of any iPods that use a mini-USB port.

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I noticed you edited your question. Which iPod do you have and what mini USB are you referring to? No iPod that I know has one, but anything i possible. Or are you referring to the dock connector? That "thing" where you plug the cable in that connects to your computer.

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Achraf, that dimension is not the dock connector. Way to small. See if you can attach a picture or diagram of a) what you want to replace and b) what ipod you have. you do not (and should not) edit your question to respond. It does get confusing. Just add a comment or Update your question ;-)

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