My lightning cable broke and left a piece inside the port of my ipad

My iPad Pro fell while I was charging it. Then I noticed my lightning cable end broke and left a piece inside the charging port. How do I get this out?

Update (04/20/2021)

Block Image

i hope this loads properly

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Can You send a Picture of the Lightning Port.

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I am afraid I have to completely changed the lightning connector which means I have to open the screen. Is there a repair guide on how to change this. I heard this is a very difficult task that also needs microsoldering skills which I do not have. I am willing to try.

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You may get lucky. When you open it up you may be able to take something small and remove the piece without having to replace it. If the charging port wasn't damaged, removing that piece should be enough without replacing the port.

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Also, is that the best resolution available for the pic? Hard to make details out to tell you how to try to remove it

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