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Mixed standoff screws tragedy :(

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Hi, I had to repair my IPhone 7 Plus volume button, screen and battery. I bought parts from iFixit store. I bought even a magnetic mat for parts. I had everything organised, until my parrot decided to make dance or whatever it was on table. Whole mat went on the ground and now I have no idea, where standoff screw should go. I mean I have tutorial and i know the place in board where I have to screw them, but every standoff screw looks different, their heads are bigger and smaller and I dont know which one should go where :(

Can anyone help me? Have you got like HQ photos of those screws? In iFixit tutorial, I can’t recognise any :/

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Seeing as they’re standoff screws, you shouldn’t necessarily have to put them back in their original location as long as they don’t screw into the board. If there is a screw hole that goes straight through the board and into the frame, you’ll be fine. If the screw hole does not go through the board then don’t put any of those screws pictured above in those spots as you can cause long screw damage.

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