Perfect screen, touch not recognized. Motherboard or screen issue?

My phone is relative new but it started having a problem a couple of weeks ago with not recognizing touch on the screen. It hasn’t been dropped, and the screen itself is in perfect condition.

At first it seemed like I could reset the phone a few times and it would work again for a while, but it no longer recognizes touch at all despite a factory reset and anything else I can think of that may have been software related.

I opened up the back of the phone to see if the display cable was loose, but it wasn’t. It also didn’t show any signs of being broken, shorted, etc. I disconnected the cable and connected it again just in case, but the screen still doesn’t recognize touch. The screen lights up and everything displays perfectly, but the touch sensing capabilities are just not there.

So, my question is this: Does this sound like an issue where I should replace the screen? Or does this sound like an issue where the motherboard itself is bad? I’d hate to spend the money and buy a new screen and have it just do the same thing with the new screen.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and your advice!

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