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Disponible desde Mayo del 2020, El MacBook Pro 13" incorpora un procesador quad-core Intel de 8ª generación Core i5 e i7, y una gráfica integrada Intel Iris Plus 645. (Modelo A2289/EMC3456 con dos puertos Thunderbolt 3)

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MacBook Pro 2020 has stopped detecting WiFi networks

I have a MacBook Pro 2020 that has stopped detecting WiFi networks. WiFi icon shows and can be turned on and off but does not show networks.

Under system preferences and network settings it does not show the WiFi adapter at all. And cannot add it.

I have tried resetting and updating but nothing is working and also tried MacBook diagnostics by holding the D key on startup but it shows no errors. Is there anything else I can try or is the WiFi chip dead?

Very strange as device is less than a year old

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Ouch! Time to visit an Apple Store or authorized service center.

Your logic board has a failure, you want to get it fixed before the warranty coverage ends! You might want to get AppleCare+ coverage after its fixed.

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