iPad 5 Home button no longer clicking after screen repair

I have replaced the screen on an IPad 5, transferred the original home button from old screen to new, however no matter how much I try, I can’t get the button to click properly as it should. The Touch ID still works, the button just doesn’t click, have spent hours on it trying to realign to ensure the position is perfect but not getting anywhere! I’ve done with repair many times with other models and never had an issue so not sure if it’s just something with this model? Anyone have any ideas of what to do next? I noticed there was no black dot on the home button, not sure if there was one originally or not but I added one and that didn’t seem to help.

Any ideas/solutions would be greatly appreciated????

thank you

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Would you be able to take some photos of the button and the "black dot"(??) on the button.

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No, since posting this question I’ve replaced with a new home button and obviously lost Touch ID. Now faced with a new issue, put everything back together and left overnight on charge, ipad did not charge at all but was showing the lightening bolt as if it was charging. When I woke the screen, only then it started to charge up… any ideas?

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