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MSI GE70 2PE Apache Pro, manufactured by Micro-Star International, this powerful gaming machine was released in March of 2014

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Female Jack Port faulty (?) what to do next

When rotating the headphone cables, audio disconnects. But only with SOME cables.

I have a bunch of cable that I tested, and it seems like the sturdier the plug (newer), the better the connection is (it doesn’t disconnect when rotating, some are just fine !)

But, no matter the cable, a little pull, and it disconnects.

I tried to apply alcohol (gently) to remove any tarnishing (?) but didn’t work.

Could it be a weak pin on the female port ?

As far as I know, I can take it apart, disassemble it, solder a new one (I highly doubt i can)

Buy a cheap USB audio adapter (last resort)

Buy a new IO Board.

Is there anything I can do to “bend back” a pin ? Am I missing something and the problem is somewhere else ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @caked ,

You can buy replacement audio jack socket and you can replace it if you have the means to solder it off the board. If you do that, just make sure that you cover the surrounding area with Kapton tape to minimise the heat exposure to other components.

In some of the MSI laptops the audio and USB connections are on a separate board that connects to your motherboard. If you take off the bottom lid of your laptop you will be able to see if it is on the main board or on separate. You can get replacement audio/USB boards for about $25 or $30.

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I will go the IO Board route for now, thanks for the feedback !

- de

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