After upgrading ram some sensors are not working

I updated to 16g of ram and then found the computer to be extremely slow. I found it to be kernal_task and though I was careful, I must have accidentally damaged something causing one or more sensors to not work . I am wondering if anybody has board info and can specify easily damaged spots I can take a picture of and post here. I am thinking maybe under the heat sink arm? Here is a picture of my sensor test results from asd 3s157

Block Image

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Oof a damaged sensor(s). There are ways to turn off those, witch would be the simplest and fastest. One sensor is near the cpu, one is near the ssd, and one near the psu. These are just guesses though

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Here is an update. After downloading the Boad schematic and Board view as suggested in this Article.

Missing resistor, SMC and/or temperature sensor failure iMac late 2013

And carefully inspecting the board

I see that my board is missing the exact same resistor. This must be easily damaged when removing the board. I will keep you posted on replacing

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