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Una actualización menor de la MacBook Air de finales de 2018, con el mismo número de modelo (A1932) y número EMC (3184). Este modelo presenta una pantalla True Tone y una batería ligeramente revisada.

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Why am I getting the not charging message on my Mac?

A couple weeks ago I pulled on the chord and dropped my mac. It wasn’t from a really big height, maybe about 2 feet. It landed on the side where it was charging and the head of my charger completely snapped off. Like the cable was disconnected and the head was still in my laptop. I though it would be fine since this happened once before and I would be able to just get another charger. The new charger worked for like the first week I got it but now I have to tilt my Mac In weird directions to get it to charge. Once I found the spot that it can charge it will give me the Mac not charging message and after a minute will then start charging. I don’t know what to do or what could be the problem!


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I am not sure but it think it has something to do in your setting. mi not sure were but it is possible you couldve turned of the charging notifications

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I don’t think it’s that like my Mac physically won’t charge and when I click on the battery in the right hand corner it says battery not charging even while plugged in! Sorry if it was unclear!

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Since it fell, I’d say you have some hardware damage, more specifically the USB C port, even more so since you say it isn’t the first time. It will more than likely have to be changed, something probably got bent, or maybe the solder connection broke, that’s why you have to manipulate it to get it to connect. You’re probably still missing one pin/connection to actually charge the battery, almost as if you’re only getting the “DATA” connections. USB C connectors arn’t the strongest thats for sure, and to snap the cable…it definitely took a hit.

It could also be an IC, controlling the charging, maybe it got shorted when the computer fell and the cable snapped.

I assume you have you tried charging from both USB C ports?

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