Yellow triangle with exclamation icon when battery charge hits 72%

Not necessarily a question, but sharing my experience so far. I purchased the battery replacement kit for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I was able to successfully follow all of the help guides to disassemble the phone and replace the battery, using a combination of the written guides from IFIXIT plus watching other youtube videos which offered good supplemental suggestions. For example, I attached the battery connection before lowering the battery into its compartment. I wish however I did a practice fit before adding the adhesive.

I’m on day 3 post-installment now. With my phone turned off, I left it to fully charge, but noticed for the first time the yellow triangle icon with the exclamation mark. I noticed this warning icon appeared when the phone was about to reach 72%. I unplugged and turned the phone on without issue. I used the phone until it was depleted, and then attempted the full charge again.

The 2nd charge, I left the phone on while plugged into the charger and it did eventually reach 100% but took a full 8 hours. The 3rd charge again I turned my phone off hoping for a faster charge, but the warning icon again appeared right at 72%.

I’m going to buy a new cable next and hope that might help (my current charger is very old and does have slight damage to the cable).

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