Is leaking oil and my cooling fan wont come on

Ok i need some help I just put a new motor in my 09 Altima now is leaking oil and the cooling fan won't come on but it will crank can somebody help me and tell me what is going on please I need some help

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You will need to track down where the oil is leaking from. most common places for many cars is simply the valve cover or oil pan gaskets, you can buy a UV oil additive at most parts stores so a blacklight will highlight any new oil. If the car has an oil cooler then those hoses and fittings will also need to be checked.

The fan could be tricky to figure out, electrical is usually a 5 min fix or !&&* with no in between LOL. I would start by simply double checking you connectors, make sure there's no corrosion built up on pins and plugs and that everything is seated tightly. Do this for the fan itself as well as the engine coolant temp sensor(s). the sensors are most commonly placed very close to the thermostat housing or on the cylinder head, some cars have multiple. If this does not solve the issue my next step would be to look closer at the sensor(s), a failed sensor may be sending an incorrect temp reading to the computer making it think the car is nice and cool.

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Ran out of space on last comment.

Next for fan, could be the fan. however not as likely if it worked before the motor swap.

final step for the fan would be the computer itself, sometimes they just dont like the new motor and systems won't work properly. If this is the case it's usually multiple failures though, so i also think to be unlikely in your case.

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