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The spiritual successor to the Chromebook Pixel, the Google Pixelbook was unveiled at the 2017. Made by Google event, and made available October 31st, 2017.

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Why the exclamation mark if I am connected to the internet?

Every time I connect to the hotpot on my phone, at first my pixelbook shows that i am connected to my hotspot and that my connection is strong. Then just a few minutes later the exclamation mark pops up on my wifi icon making me think that it’s been disconnected. But i am still connected to the internet somehow because i am still able to access it. . Also when i check my wifi settings it still says that my connection is a strong connection. So i am confused on what exactly is the issue here. can anyone help me out ??

I’ve already tried resetting my hotspot by turning it off and then back on. Also I have tried resetting my pixelbook as well and the same thing keeps happening.

I connect to the hotspot and on both my phone and my pixelbook, it says that i have a strong connection, but after a few minutes the exclamation mark pops up, like it always does whenever i get disconnected from the wifi. But I am stil connected to the wifi because i am still able to use it. So idk what the problem is here

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So Tabatha,

Wifi connection is not the same as internet access. A wifi connection, means you have a connection between your pixel book and your hotspot. Now a strong connection is good and it means less issues with data transfer between the two.

If there is issue between your hotspot and it’s network connection to the internet, then your pixel book will see that issue as well. In most cases, it means that there is user interaction needed to further “internet connectivity” beyond the hotspot.

It’s possible you need to enter a username and password in a specific webpage usually called a “captive portal”. You see this all the time at a hotel or an airport. They ask for basic info before they give you complete internet access. Usually this automatically happens when you connect to your hotspot, and then try to surf the net. The hotspot will jump in and say inject its own webpage asking for login credentials.

If this is something new that has occurred to you, I suggest you call your provider confirm if anything has changed (they may have updated the device remotely or changed their mode of operation). If you experience this issue with ALL wifi networks you know and trust, then there maybe a deeper issue involved.

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