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El "phablet" insignia de la décima generación de Samsung, con su característico lápiz óptico S Pen. Lanzado en agosto de 2019.

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Where can I buy a new display for my note 10 plus?

I broke my screen when I dropped it at the gym, my screen is cracked and the crack is located on the key where you press for making the letters uppercase but anyways. My screen turned white from the bottom, and where the crack is, it’s turning black slowly. The screen also doesn't respond to my touch and the only way I can use it is with the note pen. I already have all the tools from ifixit but the only thing I need is the screen. The only thing I don't get is do I get the oled display with the frame or without the frame, and also what is the difference between having the frame or not? Will it make a difference in my repair? Or am I buying the wrong thing? Because all I want to replace is my screen and my battery while I'm at it but I'm not sure I'm using the right terminology when looking up the screen and I'm afraid of buying the wrong thing. So where can I buy the screen with link and also what type of adhesive do I use when I put on the new battery ?

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You can buy a screen from they have the screen in stock.

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