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Lanzado en noviembre de 2016, el PS4 Pro cuenta con hardware actualizado para juegos de 4K y streaming de vídeo.

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PS4 Pro Turns On, 3 Beeps, and Then Shuts Off

Hello, I have my friend’s PS4 Pro. I went to his house because he needed it cleaned. It was caked full of stuff and I cleaned it all. I put it back together and Plugged in the power cable. I clicked the power button and it beeped and the blue bar turned on. I heard the fan spin for 2 seconds then it beeped 3 times and blue light slowly went out. I tried just pressing the eject button and it beeps but does nothing. I tried clicking the power button again and it just beeped and did nothing. I took it all apart again and put it back together and still nothing. Any Answers will be appreciated. Thanks! -Crykar

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From what I know three beeps might mean something is not right, and it’s also called the 3 beeps of death but other than that I don’t know.

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