should I buy new screen? my screen is no more working

I am not english speaker, so it might be some grammatical error. Sorry about that.

I Accidentally put the screen cable into mainboard while the iMac is running

Block Image

image’s cable which handled by person

And then, spark sparks, and after I reboot the iMac, Its screen dosen’t work more at all. (just no response, no backlight)

But except screen, my iMac does work, I checked it through out the exterior monitor.

However, the speed of iMac is extremely slow down and the fan of cpu is become very fast.

I heard that happens when the thermal sensor of screen doesn’t detected.

I think the screen’s controller board is broken. can I change it? or should I buy the whole new screen?

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There is one more important test!

With the screen connected and the system turned back on take a strong flashlight pressed against the screen at an angle do you see the faint image of your desktop and its icons?

If you do then your logic board backlight circuit (and/or the cable & connectors) needs repairs not your display.

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