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Información de reparación del Google Pixel 4a. Lanzado el 20 de agosto de 2020. Número de modelo: GA02099-US.

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Water detected in usb port

Hi, my pixel 4a got dropped into a toilet (briefly lol) and it seemed fine after. However, it soon gave me the “water in usb port” message and wouldn't charge. So I left it alone and, unfortunately, did not turn it off and the battery went dead. Now it has been 3 days and it still won't take a charge. It does go to the recovery selection screen if it's plugged in and I hold power and down, but it turns off withing 5-10 seconds or if I select any options.


  1. Water detected at usb port but still working
  2. Battery died and it turned off on its own
  3. Boots to recovery mode selection screen but shuts off when any selection is made

So the question is: will taking it apart and cleaning up the usb port have a chance at success? Or will I have to replace the battery as well as it may have depleted too far?

Thank you for any and all advice

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My port got wet in my pocket after I got caught out in the rain, kept getting the liquid debris usb disabled message even after drying and blowing. In the end I used a little bit of WD-40 on a soft bristle tooth brush, and gently worked on the port. After the WD-40 evaporated, 30 seconds or so, the Safe to use usb message came up. 4a working fine now.

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Thank you, my pixel 4a had some water in it. Did what you asked and it's working perfectly fine.

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Your battery should be fine especially if it was a brief dip in the toilet. It thinks there’s water in the port probably because of a short between a couple pins in the port. Try some rubbing alcohol on a toothbrush to scrub inside the port. You can gently push the bristles into the port to scrub the inside. Let it dry for a couple minutes and then try to charge it. If it continues you’ll probably need a charge port replacement.

Thankfully the port is on a separate daughter board which means replacing it is pretty easy. The downside is it takes after the 1st gen pixel design in that the screen needs to be lifted off to get to it. You’ll need to be really careful about removing it but you should order a replacement screen to have on hand as it’s quite easy to break.

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I have a similar issue... but weirder. Caught in a rainstorm phone was in pocket. Phone worked fine, but at end of day when I plugged in the charger, I got the liquid debris message. Put phone in a ziploc with silica gel packets for a few days... blew out port. Still nothing, still get liquid/debris message. Enabled USB. Still not charging. Contacted Google. Leaving phone plugged in, I guess it trickled enough juice to be able to clear cache, and storage from settings app. Still wouldn't charge... bought a sync cable (USB A to USB C), plugged in to PC to backup device stored photos, etc.... Phone starts Charging. Almost a full charge from PC. Take it off sync cable, plug into charger. Get liquid debris message again, no charge.... Plug back in to Sync cable, phone starts charging. Charger still works on wife's 4a. Utterly confused!9

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@robacox for starters, silca gel packets, rice, or any other desiccant don't fix liquid damage, it actually makes it worse because they don't absorb the liquid fast enough. Anyways, it sounds like you did all you could to fix the issue other than replace the port, which is what I suggest you try next. I've had devices come into my shop that never got wet and have that error message. I think they develop some kind of short after a while.

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@robacox - how do you enable USB? is there a specific setting to do that? I am having the same issue (USB disabled due to liquid in charging port)

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I placed the phone USB port against my laptop cooling fan output vent. I tried other solutions, but that's the one that worked.

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