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Lanzamiento el 21 de septiembre de 2018. Modelos A1920, A2097, A2098, A2100. Disponible como GSM o CDMA/eSIM o nano-SIM/64, 256, o 512 GB/ Plateado, Dorado o Gris Espacial (Pronunciado "iPhone 10 S.")

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Phone restarts after 5m and is very slow after battery replacement!

Hello, I had a iPhone XS Max which needed a battery and dock connector replacement, but now the phone powers on but is extremely slow and restarts every 5 minutes. It doesn’t show the percentage of the battery as well… I ordered the battery for €40 and the dock connector for €15. Any idea what the problem could be?

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iPhone XS and XS max series have a serious problem. First, see the panic log from setting/privacy/analytic and improvements/scroll down and search for the panic log on which you got an answer. The various region among them ear speaker flex and charging flex, power switch flex may cause that problem. If you try this and you got such a problem still the same this tutorial helps you.

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Hey, thanks a lot for the tutorial. I think it is indeed the charging coil, becaus I overheated it with my heatgun... So I will replace that

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