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Modelo A1312 / Mediados de 2010 / 3.2 GHz Core i3 o 2.8 y 3.6 GHz Core i5 o 2.93 GHz Core i7, ID iMac11,3

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Stuck on loading bar

Hello everyone,

I was using my iMac as usual and after trying to copy an image about 4mb in size to desktop from a folder that also on desktop the transfer bar was loading for a long time without doing anything else and as usual I relauched finder and everything on desktop disappeared. Now I have done this many times, if it doesnt come back I would just paste a code in terminal or restart the mac, I decided to restart it this time and when it turned on the loading bar below the apple logo stuck on half way.

This has never happened before so I did some googling and tried to first day, safe mode, reset vram etc without success, after the last safe mode though the loading bar went further to about 80% but thats where it ends and I have not tried fresh install of OS yet as I am trying to save some of the work I have on there.

What can I do now? is it worth saving? It is just over 10 years old.


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If you already tried booting in safe mode and waited for a long time for the system to load without success, then I would try verbose mode (Command ⌘+v) to have a visual input of what exactly is slowing down/blocking the boot process. Also, are there any peripherals attached to the Mac other than your mouse/keyboard?

Update (01/15/2021)

Ok, here's what I would do: boot into Recovery Mode by holding CMD+R on startup, release as the Apple logo appears (reference from Apple's website), wait until you get to the OSX Utilities screen (use Option+Command+R if this method doesn’t work, takes a lot more time though and requires an internet connection). Now if you have no recent Timemachine image known to work, I recommend making a backup of the corrupted disk just in case, this can be done by opening Disk utilities and following this step by step guide, remember you are gonna need a pre-formatted (one you know that works on Macs) external drive at least the same size of the one you want to backup. Finally, you can either restore a working Timemachine image or you can take advantage of Disk Utility's First Aid feature to attempt a system repair, here's how you do it. If it still doesn’t work or you already tried this, I’m afraid running fsck from single user mode is your last hope before having to reinstall the OS. Good luck!

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I will try that, and there was nothing else plugged in apart from keyboard and mouse.

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@simone_i finally have some time to do this. I did as you suggested with Command + V and there was a bunch of text running but it was too fast to see, last a few seconds and loading bar screen shows up. Made sure no other stuff plugged in.

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