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No power catalytic converter?

Hi my problem started with warning light saying gas cap not on right I repleaced the gas cap well my car started running real ruff won't climb hills and such well I drilled a couple holes in my catalytic converter helped a lil mayb. So now I'm thinking of removing the cat converter and replacing with a pipe or flex pipe there r 3 wires on the cat are those 2 oxygine sensors and a groind and if I did this what do I do with those wires and PS this is the wife of the man doin all this work in just trying to help him out so b nice on all my car lingo cause I dont know jack about cars ty

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If the catalytic converter has gone then get it replaced rather than just removing it unless you know a garage that can put a new ECU map on the car to stop the engine throwing up a code from the o2 sensors., if you remove it the car will throw up engine codes from the o2 sensors in the exhaust which are extremely sensitive on those cars, messing around with them or trying to remove them will probably put the car in limp mode and its a pain the sort them out without replacing the sensors, my friend had the same problem with one of these cars and it took us ages to sort the sensors out again without them throwing up error codes. the catalytic converter should last you over 100,000 miles so replacing it once will probably last you the life of the car

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