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Presentado en el 1290 New York International Auto Show en 2004, el Xterra fue rediseñado para 2005 en la plataforma Nissan F-Alpha utilizada por Frontier, ingresando a las salas de exhibición en abril de 2004 para el año modelo 2005.

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Why is my transmission is dull untill it get hot

My car transmission is very slow from first gear untill is change to gear 2 it won't move normal

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It could be a number of issues but you should get it checked out by a professional. It could be worn out clutch discs but if I’m not mistaken, Nissan has been using a Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT in a lot of their vehicles for a number of years. While they offer smooth and sometimes peppy acceleration, when they fail they can be expensive. I don’t think it can be rebuilt so you’ll need to get it replaced. But at the very least, have an independent mechanic check it. If you take it to a dealership they’re more than likely going to tell you it needs more work to get you to buy a new car.

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