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The Nikon D1X is a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) made by Nikon Corporation and introduced on February 5, 2001.

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How can I troubleshoot my Nikon D1x - NO SIGNS OF LIFE...

I purchased a D1x from an auction and discovered the included Ni-MH battery included was dead, and would not take a charge. I had the EN-4 battery pack professionally rebuild at a local battery shop and charged with my MH-16 charger. So far, so good. Put the battery pack into the camera body and *nothing* happened! No lights, no sounds, no indicators - nothing :-(

I don’t suspect the battery as it meters out at just over 8v with a DMV after charging.

I don’t have a Nikon EH-4 power supply.

Does anyone have a pin-out for the front power supply input jack? Maybe I have a loose battery terminal connection?

Any other troubleshooting advice is appreciated.

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Using the power supply connector on the front of the camera body, I was able to apply power using a bench power supply, and discovered the camera powers on :-) Now, I'm going to troubleshoot the battery box assembly to determine if there is an open circuit or broken wire somewhere.

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Try using a toothbrush with some drops of vinegar…and rub gently the battery terminals inside camera body

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