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Apple's top-of-the-line smartphone for 2020. Announced on October 13th and released November 13th, the iPhone 12 Pro Max sports a 6.7" OLED display, a triple rear camera system with LiDAR, and 5G connectivity. Successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Will I be able to repair this phone such as screen or battery?

I saw that Apple blocked the ability to swap parts on iPhone will this be repairable or should I be buying AppleCare?

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Hi there Rody! The iPhone 12 as of now is unrepairable if you are looking for parts that are guaranteed to be 100% efficient. I’m pretty sure the iPhone 12 screen is code binded and would need sodering to link the screen to your iPhone. So long answer short, the iPhone 12 is repairable but will not be 100% efficient.

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