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Bose portable speaker with built in alexa

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Bose speaker not charging

My bose portable speaker is not starting after its battery reduced last night.

I hv tried changing cables also(Type C) still its not starting.

please suggest

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hariom gangwar  not quite sure what you mean by this “battery reduced “ but I’ll assume you mean the battery went down and did not longer work. Since you already tried a different cable I suggest that you change the battery. IF nothing else it will provide you with a known-well starting point for further troubleshooting. Let us know which Bose speaker this is so we can try and help you further if needed.

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It is recently released bose portable speaker bought 1 months back.

Its battery was low last to last night approx 1-2 % and we left it for changing at day onwards its not starting

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@hariom gangwar since this is only 1 month old, return it and have them fix it under warranty. After all, you paid for that.

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Mine is out of warranty. It’s not been charged for a couple years due to moving. What do I do?

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It is a Bose sound link Bluetooth speaker ||| or 3

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I’ve had it on the charger for over an hour I still have no light coming on. I understand it needs to be charged extensively but if you could tell me how long before I might see a power light emerge?

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