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Volkswagen based the Golf Mk6 on the existing PQ35 platform from the Golf Mk5. This vehicle was debuted at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.

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Hatch Lock triple square bolts

To replace failed hatch lock mechanism, need to remove two “Triple Square” (12-point) bolts that attach lock to hatch panel. Videos say use an MM8 bit but it’s too large, MM6 bit is too small. Cannot find an MM7 in any set or anywhere on internet - if it exists??

Since hatch lock replacement is a common problem, has anyone dealt with this issue?

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I struggled with a couple of bolts like them on a audi before, I got one of those cheap multi size socket ends for the ratchet that have them small hex shapes inside on springs, got the bolts off and then just replaced them with standard bolts after to avoid the problem again. The size as far I was aware for these was MM8 though.

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