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Pantalla de 24"; Cámara iSight, micrófono y parlantes incorporados; resolución de 1920x1200. Lanzada en octubre de 2008, identificado por el número de modelo A1267.

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Power on and off

I need to quickly turn the power on and off to my monitor (using a power bar) several times in order for it to stay on. Once it’s on it’s fine. Is there a part that I can replace to continue using this great monitor? Thanks.

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I’m suspecting the backlight LED driver circuit needs repairs (main logic board).

To verify turn on the display and rest a flashlight on the display at a sharp angle do you see a faint image of your desktop and the icons?

If not that then the power switch is failing.

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Thanks ... Next time it powers off I'll try that. I keep the screen saver running to try and avoid it shutting down. My simple hack for the time being :)

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@danj ... I finally had to restart the monitor and there is no faint image visible. However, it appears that the fan is working. Would your suggestion still be to change the power supply? ... Thanks

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@malary - Logic board not power supply!

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