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The Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Smartwatch was released in 2016. Primary functions include GPS, fitness, notification alerts, and the ability to tell time.

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The charging ring fell off my smartwatch.

I am getting a Fossil Q Explorer Gen 3, and it’s being sold at a low cost because the charging ring has fallen off the back (apparently a common problem with watches that have charging rings).

The ring is still intact and fits into the groove. I don’t know how charging rings work exactly, but is it possible to use hot glue to stick it back in? If so, what glue brands are conductive/ water and sweat proof? Would glue affect the waterproofness or safety of the watch?

And as an additional (possibly stupid) question, could I solder the charging ring back in? Solder is conductive after all and wouldn’t allow the charging ring to come off even if it was covered in sweat. Or would the heat damage the watch body?

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Have you had it made yet? ? Solved yourself or taken away for repair? I have the same problem.

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I was told (not by a Fossil rep) that any old superglue would do, so I used loctite. Unfortunately I didn't position the ring correctly, so you need to keep that in mind or else it's never coming back out. Or you can send it back to Fossil and it seems they'll give you a replacement, provided you meet their conditions. Hope that helps.

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Alteco super glue but you need to make sure you don’t glue the bump on the back

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