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El teléfono insignia de Samsung con stylus y el sucesor del Note8, lanzado en agosto de 2018. Cuenta con una pantalla de 6.4 "y hasta 512 GB de almacenamiento a bordo.

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touch screen stoped working but the lcd and spen is working

hello I have a galaxy note 9 phone and the touch screen suddenly stopped working,

the screen has no visible damage but the weird thing is the LCD itself is working really well there are no black dots red line, etc and I can use the phone with spen, is there a way to fix this? I opened up the phone and saw some water damage and I cleaned up that damage with alcohol.

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You probably have a damaged digitizer which is what senses the touch. The reason why your S pen still works is because it doesn’t use the digitizer. If I’m not mistaken it uses NFC I think so you can effectively use the phone but only with the S pen. In order to fix the digitizer you’ll need to replace the whole screen

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And if I was to replace my screen, would my phone still be waterproof.. I mean water resistant IP68 (5ft for 30 mins in water) is it like a trade off so if i want to fix my screen and have touch screen again, cause I don't trust repair places, they always find a way to not glue the screen down properly, i took my iPhone to a place and the screen kept falling off, and if that happens to this the waterproof.. i mean water resistants would be gone but I can use the s open but like you said it's totally different

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Also deciding to because the screen is a little pinkish (probably screen burn or something) like a pink haze

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