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Ignition key was stolen on 1996 vw golf

Can I switch out the ignition cylinder for a new one instead of going to the dealer to get a new key made? It is a 1996 vw golf gl

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You could but changing ignition lock cylinders is pretty difficult and will no doubt cost more than getting a dealer to provide you with the key codes. Once you have the key codes you can get a locksmith to cut you a new key pretty cheaply. I recently bought a high mileage toyota tacoma and had to have new keys made in order to get the door lock cylinders to work properly again. The only key I got with the vehicle was worn so badly that it no longer worked the door locks without a major struggle. I did have to provide the dealer with proof of ownership before they would release the codes to me. I had two keys made at local locksmith shop for less than $20 try getting a replacement ignition set for that price! Also if you go your suggested route you will still not be able to operate the door locks!

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Yeah I couldn’t lock my doors from get go and I called all the locksmiths around me and none of them could do it they said I had to go through the dealership bcuz it was too old for them and I can get a new ignition cylinder for $15 bucks online and to remove it all I have to do is put in a little screw driver and push the release spring and it pops out

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