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The Hover-1 Eagle is an electric folding scooter designed by Hover-1. Model number: Hover-1EGAL

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Battery does not keep its charge drive maybe 15 feet then shuts off

I charge my scooter as told in manual but once done i go to use the scooter and maybe get 10 to 15 feet and it shuts down

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It's only about a year old

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Where can you buy a new battery

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For Hover 1 Eagle

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Yeah I have the same problem mine is about a year old

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Where can you buy said battery

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@lugocrazynight sounds like a bad battery. It won’t hold a charge and will fail under load. Replace the battery and then re-evaluate.

Update (07/29/23)

Just in case anybody else is still looking for a battery. Do a search for LT-1865-HL07 which is the battery number.

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