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Guías de reparación e información de desmontaje del teléfono inteligente Pixel 4 de Google, lanzado en octubre de 2019.

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Screen replaced and still not working

I just replaced the screen on my Google pixel 4 using an ifixit kit. everything went very smoothly until I went to power it on afterwards. The phone itself is on, I can feel the tactile feedback of pressing the buttons, but the display is still completely black. What could cause this issue? This is the second screen attempted to install. The first was replaced by professionals and they encountered similar issues, instead of waiting for them to order another screen and rack up my bill, I installed the second screen myself.

All of the connectors seem straight, and no issues seem present besides the screen.

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I am thinking if it might not be the screen itself. You have tried two screens. If possible, you can try the screen on a working device. But it might be the backlight. Were the battery disconnected before you first worked on the screen? Someone taught me to direct a flashlight at the screen then may be you can see back image. Good luck.

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Thanks Joyce! I figured that might be the issue as well, I tried shining a flashlight at the screen, but didn't see any back image.

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The pixel 4 doesn't use a backlight, it has a OLED panel and the pixels produce the light.

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Your right it’s an OLED panel which it means it’s got pixels and pixels have no backlight. So you can’t flash the light and expect to see anything. I have the same issue not sure what’s the cause either.

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