bulging gassing battery now wont charge and new battery not fixed it

Phone had a bulging battery which popped the back off and over time it looks like it might have stretched the motherboard ribbon which sits on top the battery. iv been using it without issue until today the phone stopped responding to usb plugging in and didnt seem to charge. could this be because of the stretched cable? or is it a coincidence that the charge port has just broken?

Additional to this i had a battery ready to replace so i tried to do this today (never done it before) the video i watched didnt have any cables under the battery but unfortunately mine did so iv tore the fhd-t cable. to be honest, i control the phone over adb so dont even need a screen but now the new battery is in place and all connected back up the device still doesnt look like it charging when plugged in and is not showing in by adb devices. It does sound like its powering up, vibrates when you turn it on so the battery is connected….should the phone be able to power up even though the fhd-t cable broke so iv removed it?

I dont want to replace the screen if the whole phone is buggered, same goes for the charge port but i dont know how to debug this now. Any assistance would be appreciated

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