PS4 controller is not connecting whether it is bluetooth or wired

Hello, so I was having a drifting issue and decided to fix it (used heat resistant tape and everything).

So, I put the controller back together and I try connecting to the PS4 via connector cable, it flashes white but nothing happens. I try doing it via wireless, same flashing white.

I change the connector cable, still same issue with both.

I try connecting to my PC, it says USB not recognised and it is flashing white.

I try share + ps4 button for bluetooth mode, nothing appears on my PC or phone.

I reset the controller and tried all the things above again, no difference.

I replaced the back shell and connectors with another shell, same issue.

I’m not sure what I broke at this point, when I connect it to the PS4, the colour turns orange and it is charging. My ps4 port charger is also allowing it to charge with no issue.

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