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Disponible desde Mayo del 2020, El MacBook Pro 13" incorpora un procesador quad-core Intel de 8ª generación Core i5 e i7, y una gráfica integrada Intel Iris Plus 645. (Modelo A2289/EMC3456 con dos puertos Thunderbolt 3)

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How difficult is keyboard replacement?

Has anyone replaced keyboard on this model already?

Can’t find any tutorial videos online yet.

How difficult is it compared to lets say unibody (easy) or touchbar (very difficult) models?

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Sadly the Butterfly & Magic keyboards are not replaceable on there own! You need to replace the full uppercase assembly:

Presently we don’t have the 2020 (Magic) part info for reference here’s the 2019 model (Butterfly)

Unless you did something major to your system I would recommend you get the system serviced by Apple or authorized service center hopefully fixing it under warranty or under AppleCare+ service contract if you had it.

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2015 Macbook Pros, which have Magic keyboards very like the 2020 Macbook Pro, do have replacable keyboards. It's a fairly difficult and annoying repair but you can buy a 20$ part and fix your keyboard. You'll have to remove all the rivets, but it's doable. Is there any confirmation this is not the case on the 2020 model?

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@iphone3ghulp - The 2015 McBook Pro's use the original Scissor key switch design which the Magic key switch is based on. While very similar they are not the same keyboard design (not transferable)

So far there haven't been any replacements offered on the market for either Butterfly or Magic keyboards.

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