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I hit my computer (I know, it’s stupid), now it won’t turn on

Hello, I have a 2018 Asus FX504G with a GTX 1050 and a 8th gen i5 with 256GB m.4. I have a problem where my laptop won’t turn on after I had hit it. When I hit the power button, the only thing that comes on is the charging light(if charging) and the battery looking symbol, it just stays on. I’ve tried all of the restarting tricks with CMOS with no resolve. I’ve checked the ram, that’s good. I’ve checked the power supply, that’s good and nothing on the (viewable) motherboard seems to be out of place. Please help.

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I have the same problem. i disconnected the battery and got it to load into bios from just the charger cord and then default loaded from bios and got into desktop where windows blue screened and said they had to repair a problem and screen got all &&^&@@ up and froze so i unplugged in and now it wont turn on with the battery in it. If you solved the problem please answer

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Have either of ye tried taking your machines apart yet? Since the charging light comes on, I don’t suspect the power supply. You say the motherboard seems out of place - did you try moving it back into place?

It might *appear* that the machine isn’t turning on if the screen is disconnected for whatever reason, so checking the connection to your display seems like a good starting point

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Hi i have the same laptop, i would recommend to check if the light on the laptop that you see are “post codes” wich means that your motherboard is telling you what the problem is by such code if you need further assistant let me know, the ASUS website usually tells you what does post code means

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