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Variante habilitada para LTE de la quinta generación de iPad, lanzada en marzo de 2017. Disponible con opciones de almacenamiento de 32 y 128 GB con una pantalla Retina de 9.7" y un procesador A9 de 64 bits.

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Repair Home Button Functionality

Hello All ,

I completed the repair of my friends iPad A1823 model front display as it was cracked very badly. I bought the ipad display kit and home button grommet from ifixit, all worked great and my friend loved it. The only thing is now the home button wont work unless you roll your finger across the button while pressing. I saw in the repair guide to be careful when migrating the home button from old display to new, and I was super careful. I put a small dab of super glue on each leg of the bracket that holds the home button in place to secure it , and was sure that would hold it all in place, but i guess its not working. My question is since the display is brand new do I only need to buy new adhesive strips from ifixit and then once get the display off get all the current adhesive off and replace with the new strips ? I dont want to do this incorrectly nor buy a whole new display. Also - any thoughts on the home button ? It worked great for me after repair but about 3 days after my friend had the ipad they text me to let me know home button stopped working unless you press it just right.

Any help is appreciated - thank you all

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Don't super glue electronics, that can ruin the home button

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In this case, applying epoxy to the HB bracket is the proper thing to do. Obviously, you have to be careful to control where the glue goes ;-).

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Can you link to this grommet you refer to? Does the button physically click or is not even clicking unless you get it just right?

If the button doesn’t click, chances are what happened is that the bracket is either not aligned properly or it moved. Normally, I would apply a bead of two-part epoxy instead of superglue. The advantage is that you can do minor adjustments in the few minutes following application. After that, you have to let the glue set completely before applying too much pressure.

Always be careful with the Home Button, the flex is really easy to damage and as Nick notes in his comment, glue and electronics don’t always mix well. Closely inspect the HB to see if erratic glue or misalignment is the issue.

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Thank you for your help.

the Grommet is : Home Button Gasket sold by ifixit : iPad 5/6/Air 2/mini 4 Home Button Gasket

I need to get the ipad back apart , but i think the bracket didnt stay affixed. I understand to be sure careful with glue or epoxy with electronics and in general use, and will be super careful. I need you guys opinion on do i need to order new adhesive strips to get the digitizer to re-adhere to the ipad body ? I have repaired these before and never ran into issue where I had to re-open the ipad so not sure if will need new adhesive strips - please let me know

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It's better to use new adhesive because when you open it up, chances are the adhesive will tear or stretch.

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