Did I kill my iMac

I tried to connect a PowerMac G4 to my iMac with a USB to FireWire adapter, the second I put the USB in the iMac it powered down and black screen and now will not power up, not even a peep when I push hold 10 sec. and push the power button… did I kill it?

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I need additional context please. What were you trying to accomplish when you connected your PowerMac to your iMac? FireWire 400 or 800? If it was data transfer, I'm assuming it was from the PowerMac to the Intel iMac EMC 2428, is that correct? I guess technically it's possible to create a short with any cable that has power, it would be unusual. Any additional context and specifics would be helpful including images.

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Yes, file tranfer from PM to iMac. PM FireWire 400, Dual 800MHz running Tiger (Yup) it was in the closet ... needed a few old large files.

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