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Flagship smartphone from Huawei released April 2019. Featuring a 6.47" FHD+ OLED screen, in-display fingerprint sensor, 40 MP main camera plus 8 MP telephoto camera and a new earpiece speaker technology. Model VOG-L29 and VOG-L09.

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Battery exploded when removed

Open my phone as water damaged. Tried to take out battery with screwdriver. Spark came from the battery and now its bent. Can I still replace the battery or not?

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Pictures would help us assess.

A screw driver was probably far too narrow to remove a battery. Also far too rigid. I use a broad thin opening tool. like this

Block Image

Work your way around the battery prying and applying only enough pressure to slowly release adhesive. I apply pressure and wait for 10-20sec as adhesive slowly pulls apart. Move onto next area and repeat around entire battery where possible.

A small bend is not normally fatal to batteries, just bend back straight and it should be fine.

I am however concerned you saw a spark from somewhere on the battery. If that spark came from the battery itself then it will be damaged and you shouldn’t use it. If spark came from the motherboard connector touching something metal then it might still be ok if you’re lucky.

Batteries aren’t normally very expensive but finding good third party batteries is difficult.

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Thank u for your help. However I will buy a new battery. As dont want to take a risk . Spark came from the middle under the battery. Thanks again ,

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