Right clicking only provides properties, troubleshoot, remove, shortcu

I recently got a Western Digital my passport x 2tb (have part# lot# etc If needed) i hooked it to my usb 3.0 on my PC motherboard (ASRock b550 phantom gaming mobo). When connected I can only locate it inside devices and printers and it only allows me to right click and find properties troubleshoot remove device and create shortcut. I used diskpart on the CMD and it says it has 1862GB dyn and gpt are not checked. However it wont let me format or locate it under MY PC only thing that shows is my original 1tb HDD ? I have tried everything in the disk part (that I understand) without doing something that might ruin it. I know it works as I just had it hooked to my xbox and it downloaded a game no problem i hooked it to my pc and cleaned it with disk part and still nothing.

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using diskpart i cleaned the disk (this adds the 1862gb free (before it shows size 1862 but 0 free)) create partition primary, active format FS=exFAT label=passport quick , assign letter=g , list disk and its back to 0mbs free after format

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