MacBook Pro 2012 screen randomly shutting off


Recently I posted on here about not being able to get an OS on my MacBook Pro, however, I ended up just using another machine to install Mountain Lion onto the drive, and upgrade it to Catalina on the actual machine, which worked flawlessly.

However, I decided I wanted to try to play Minecraft on my new 15’ Macbook just to see how well the 2.7 GHz i7 with NVIDIA GeForce 650m in the machine preformed (I used to have a 2.3 GHz model, so I wanted to see how much better the Max-Spec model was). However, after about 2-5 minutes of messing around in Minecraft, the screen just shuts off, and the entire machine becomes completely unresponsive.

I’ve tested this multiple times to the same response. I have to reset the SMC every time this happens in order for the machine to work again.

I found the kernel panic log, and found this error in it: ‘NVRM[0/1:0:0]: Read Error 0x00000100’. That brings back alot of bad memories from my 2010 MBP. Although in the 2010, all you had to do was replace a capacitor, however, I have no idea what the fix is for this. I have a hot air station, so I’m more than capable of fixing the problem, I just have no idea what component could possibly be causing this.

All I find on Google for this error is a bunch of people directing other people to a recall program that no longer exists. I really would like to know what is causing this so I can get it fixed, so if any of you know, please let me know!

I wouldn’t want the $300 I just spent on this machine to go to waste.

Also, I know about GFX, I just don’t want to use only the iGPU when I have a dedicated graphics card, and I also have a 13” Retina model with the same iGPU. I want to fix this machine, I just need to know what component is causing this so I can replace it.

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What is your SSD? Original Apple or something else and its size.

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@danj All the SSDs I tested were original Apple SSDs from other machines, but it would only recognize it's original 500gb SSD. I suspect it needed a firmware update to recognize Catalina's filesystem as a bootable filesystem since I had to use another mac to erase the previous owner's data and install Mountain Lion. It works flawlessly now in Catalina besides this weird dedicated GPU issue. If you know what component could possibly be causing this issue, please let me know!

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