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iPhone de 4 pulgadas lanzado en marzo de 2016 con especificaciones de hardware similares al 6s. Disponible en Plata, Gris espacial, Oro u Oro rosa con opciones de almacenamiento de 16/64 GB. Modelos A1662 y A1723.

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Using the iPhone SE to learn repair

I am contemplating buying an IFixit pro tech toolkit to learn how to repair devices. Currently the only spare device I have is a 1st generation IPhone SE. I wanted to ask if you(the IFixit community) think that is a good place to start learning to teardown/fix devices or should I purchase another device to work on. Also is the IFixit Pro Tech Toolkit all I need to get started? Thanks.

P.S. I will order the kit on Amazon(is there a difference between the one over there and the one on this website?)

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Honestly i would start by consulting someone with good standing knowledge, like me, i have an electronic engineering degree and a computer science degree, and ask questions… CONSTANTLY…. I own a company that fixes devices, and i wouldn’t mind teaching you step by step… It’s pretty easy, just ask questions, and be patient… If you would like, I will teach you how to take the SE 2016 apart and we could start there. Just let me know… I really appreciate you bringing this to the IFixit table, and hope to hear from you soon!

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Make sure you accept my answer

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Also, the Ifixit kit isn’t all that you would need and varies from device to device

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Is it enough to get started with the IPhone SE?

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No unfortunately... if you would like, i could direct you to correct parts

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@electroscience That would be great thank you :) Also is the p2 for iPhone different for the one in the pro tech toolkit? It seems like the pro tech toolkit lists all the different parts shown on the teardown guide.

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