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Why does the iPad display take on the colour of the case?

I have an iPad mini with a red leather Apple case. The edges of the display has taken on a red colour. What can be causing this and does this affect other iPads as they age?

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Block Image

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@danielsookoo looks like a delamination of the backlight LEDs. For now I would just learn to live with it. Ultimately, you will have to replace the display to eliminate that

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Oh, I also have another iPad and the same has started to occur with that iPad as well, this time it takes on the grey colour of the iPad Smart Cover.

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@danielsookoo unlikely that the smart cover causes some colour changes on the LED's. Test it out by switching the smart covers. See if it changes from red to grey or vice versa. Let us know what you find out.

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It does not change what was red remained red etc.

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@danielsookoo when you clean the corners of the screen do you get any colored pigments on your cleaning clothes?

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No I don't get any of that

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