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The second generation 11" iPad Pro was released in March 2020 with the model numbers A2228, A2068, A2230, and A2231.

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iPad Pro 11" 2nd Gen boot loop with proximity sensor plugged in.

I replaced the digitizer on my iPad pro and it appeared all went well. I’ve done quite a few iPad’s and there were no surprises. After reassembly it went into a boot loop and at first I blamed the new digitizer. After some process of elimination I tried to turn on with out the proximity sensor and it works perfectly.

Could it simply be that I have damaged the proximity sensor cable and need to replace it?

If replaced, will the face recognition ever work again?

What other features will I not have if I don’t replace it?


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Hi rumpig70, What came of this? Did you figure it out or end up taking it to someone? Thanks in advance!

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hello rumpig,

the crash is related to the damage to the tape or the sensor itself (which is a triple sensor: proximity, flooding with dots and interpretation). If the sensor wasn't flooded with water when the screen was broken, chances are you broke it while removing the screen. The sensor assembly itself can be replaced, but the Face ID function will be lost. The solution is repair. If you have enough experience do it yourself. If not, send to a really good repair shop. Experience in such repairs is crucial. (Nobody who has not done dozens of such repairs before will do it well). Good luck, I keep my fingers crossed.

  • regards,

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