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Lanzada junto con el AirPort Extreme base extention, esta variante de disco duro equipado ofrece 802.11ac de velocidad en una cápsula del tiempo NAS (almacenamiento conectado a la red).

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Smoke and burning smell once powered on!

I had a 2TB TimeCapsule which was working perfectly fine until few years ago. Decided to power it on and check it if it still works. To my horror, smoke started coming from near the power socket and the i could feel something burning. I unplugged it immediately and let it cool for a while. Now i managed to open it and access the 2TB drive on it. Thankfully my data is still in there and I took a backup. I’m afraid to put it back together . Any idea what could have gone wrong? What needs to be fixed?

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Sounds like the internal power supply blew it’s top! Maybe check the PSU and see if there’s any burnt components (hint: it’ll probably be black)

If not, check for any debris under all boards.

Good luck!

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